Admission Requirements

Pre-enrolment Information

In what language are the classes taught?
All classes are taught in English. It is helpful for incoming students to have a reasonable proficiency and grasp of the English language, but this is not a requirement for Early Years and Primary. For secondary students this is an essential factor to consider when applying. Grace employs EAL specialists (English as an additional language) to assist students whose first language is not English.

Are there admissions or entrance tests?
Children of all abilities are welcome. A central purpose of Grace is to ensure each child’s worth is recognised and appreciated regardless of preceding academic capacity. All Secondary students take English and Maths assessments to ensure that they will thrive at Grace. These assessments help the teachers better meet each child’s needs in learning and instruction.

What else should I know before applying?
Grace accepts children of varying abilities, ethnicities, and religions. Class sizes are limited. We predominantly accept children with foreign passports; however, we have recently been granted approval to accept some local students (Bangladeshi passport).

Admission Requirements Checklist
  • A copy of parent passport(s)/National Identity Card
  • A copy of the child's passport
  • Completed application
  • Fee and security deposit payment

Tuition Fees

Fees for the current year are available on request.

  • Nursery (3–4 years old)
  • Reception (4–5 years old)
  • Primary School: Years 1–6 (5–11 years old)
  • KEY STAGE 3: Years 7–9 (11–14 years old)
  • KEY STAGE 4: Years 10–11 (14–16 years old)
  • 5–6 hour daily education (3 hours for Nursery)
  • Daily Bus transportation to and from school
  • Some Stationary supplies
  • All in-school facilities
  • Outdoor sports accommodation (swimming etc.), field trips
There is an Application fee of TK 4,000 which must be paid to receive the application form.
  1. Application fee paid
  2. Application form submitted
  3. Interview with the Principal
  4. Possible need for admission tests
  5. Offer letter of placement sent, (provided sufficient space in the class)
  6. Return acceptance of offer letter to Admissions Officer within 7 days
  7. Secure place in the class by paying the Security Deposit by the invoice date.
  • June 20% Annual Tuition Fees due
  • August 80% Annual Tuition Fees due within 30 days (of first day of the academic year)
  • Individual Payment schedule may be arranged with Account Department during the invoice period.
  • A minimum tuition fee of 25% of the full year fee is paid per child, irrespective of her/his date of admission and duration of stay at school.
  • Regardless of the date of admission, the full security deposit should be paid per child.
If fees are not paid on time, a 1.5% monthly interest will be levied. This finance charge is calculated every month on the outstanding school fees due for the current semester, including any arrears; any portion of a month will be billed as an entire month.
To secure a child’s place in the class, security deposit of 25% of annual tuition is paid. This is a one-time fee, which may be refunded with 60 days written notice of a child’s withdrawal from GIS.
A Retainer fee is to be paid if parents wish to retain a place at school for their child (for example in case of home leave). A place at school can only be guaranteed if the school receives the Retainer fee at least 2 months before the new semester starts.
  • Notify the Principal in writing at least 60 days’ prior to the child’s last date of school.
  • Written request for Security Deposit refund to the Principal and Accounts at least 60 days prior to the student’s last day of school.
  • Ensure that all tuition fees are paid for the semester. Reports and academic records will not generally be released until tuition fees are fully settled.
  • Full Security Deposits are refunded (without interest) with 60 days written notice prior to the child’s departure from the school.
  • If a child leaves without prior notice, (including an emergency) GIS is not obligated to return the Security Deposit.
  • If the entire year’s tuition fees are paid in full and the student departs prior to the end of the year, excess tuition fees for the next semester may be refunded (without interest) with 60 days written notice prior to the child’s departure from the school.
  • Full tuition is due for any partial semester attended.
  • If 60 days’ notice of withdrawal is not given, no refund is given for any tuition fees.
Fees and information given are accurate at the time of writing, but subject to change by the Board at any time which will be sent in writing to parents. In the event of a major terrorist incident or natural disaster affecting the school’s operation the school reserves the right to withhold a percentage of or all security deposit money.
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