At Grace International School, we are proud of the educational environment we have cultivated in Dhaka for students from Nursery to Year 13.
Using the English National Curriculum, Grace is a diverse community from over 30+ countries who learn, play, laugh, and live together.
Grace strives to prepare its students for academic success in today's world; equipping them with the tools needed to grow and thrive.


“My wife and I are so happy we have chosen to enroll our child at Grace International School. There is great attention for the individual learning needs that are necessary for our son. At the same time there is a wonderful spirit that bonds all involved in the school. When I asked my son, ‘Who are your best friends at school?’ He answered, ‘At Grace, we are all friends!’
“Grace, as the name suggests, is an unmerited divine assistance; a virtue coming from God. And this truly is reflected upon us as our children (year 10, year 7, and Kindergarden) study at Grace. The nature of work that we are involved in requires much time and relationship. But with our children at Grace, we can rest assured that they are well taken care of – intellectually, mentally, and spiritually. Our children enjoy school and the ‘Youth Alive’ program is something they look forward to. We appreciate the commitment and effort of the teachers for going that extra mile to make sure that Grace fulfills its vision and purpose. Grace is more than a school- it is a big family! “
“We were worried when we first arrived in Dhaka because our children were previously following an American curriculum. However, all our concerns disappeared after they had been in school for a week. The teachers are very patient and good at encouraging their students, and the staff is very courteous and friendly. We appreciate the interschool activities Grace organizes regularly--be it sports or a play-- because they not only give our children the opportunity to interact and befriend children from other schools, but also learn about sportsmanship and respect. Fathers and mothers of students have their own get togethers too.
“We are indebted to the administrators and teachers because they are helping our children build the foundation (both academically and spiritually) to be the best they can be in the future. Thank you very much, Grace!”