The Grace Story

A school planted in the middle of a megacity.

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“Grace is the best part of Dhaka for my kids.”

Our Mission

  • Provide High Quality child centred education
  • offer British Curriculum
  • Christian Environment

The Curriculum

The school follows the English National Curriculum. Allowances are made for the international nature of the school and also the school’s location in Dhaka. All classes follow the National Numeracy and Literacy strategies.

A Brief History

In what eventually came together to form Grace as we know it today, several organisations combined their resources to open the doors to a newly created primary education centre. In 1975 the express goal was to provide an affordable alternative to meet the expat communities’ pressing need for a distinctive education option in Dhaka.

It was 20 years later, in the mid-nineties the school first became known as ‘Grace’, at the time under a new registration. Since then, Grace has expanded to take students between the ages of 3–16 on three campuses and has given the gift of a quality education to 2540 students over the years. We look forward to a bright future as our young students learn to thrive!