Teacher Positions

Overview for Prospective Candidates

Grace International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh employs teachers and experienced administrators with a Christian commitment and UK or equivalent qualifications. This is an opportunity to join a supportive, committed team. We seek colleagues who sincerely desire to work with children, who would relish the challenge of serving in a stimulating part of the developing world.

Come join the Grace community to broaden your teaching experience, serving in a place that makes a difference.

Interested? Contact serve@grace.school for more information and an application form.

Ways To Serve

We are inviting applications for the following positions

At Early Years, students enjoy learning in a happy environment surrounded by their friends. Children engage in a variety of learning activities, both inside and outside the classroom. In an encouraging atmosphere, through their play and relationship-building they explore the world around them.

Grace follows the English National Curriculum for Early Years, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, which sets rigorous expectations for student growth. Highly-qualified teachers are committed to educating the whole child at Grace, not just in academics, but socially, morally, spiritually, and emotionally—helping them to thrive.
At Primary, students in Year 2–6 (Key Stage 2) study under a modified English National Curriculum in a Christian environment whilst considering the international context. All classes utilise the National Numeracy and Literacy strategies. Grace embraces a child-centred approach, educating children beyond academics encouraging them to thrive in the world socially, spiritually, and emotionally. The specific needs of each child are considered in the class. Grace is committed to fostering an enriching, diverse, and encouraging community, where young students will thrive.

Any interested teacher please contact serve@grace.school for more information and an application form.
Grace International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh employs teachers with a strong Christian commitment and UK or equivalent qualifications. Teachers develop stimulating classroom environments, delivering an engaging, adapted UK curriculum. Teachers have the opportunity to mentor students informally as well as through regular classes and activities. Subject teachers for Year 7-11:
  • English-Language & Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Art & Design
  • Geography
  • Religious Studies
  • PE
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • French
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
Any interested teacher please contact serve@grace.school for more information and an application form.

The Next Steps

How to Join the Team

Grace has a distinctive character and quality which is derived from several sources:

  • Christian basis that is firm and passionate
  • An international school environment—with a variety of nationalities working together
  • High professional standards in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Strong community ethos: knowing and caring for everyone
  • Child-centred methodology; adoption of an each-child-matters attitude
Here are some basic guidelines for a good fit:
  • Passion to serve God through teaching
  • Adhere to our statement of faith
  • Current, appropriate teaching degree or qualifications
  • Grace follows the English National Curriculum, relevant experience is helpful
  • Overseas experience is beneficial

We welcome applications from interested candidates.
Grace is committed to the security of staff and students in Bangladesh’s changing security climate. Ultimately, Grace trusts in God’s protection. This means constantly asking for His wisdom as official advice is received. Grace implements, practises, and reviews measures to ensure the safety of the school community. This includes home, school, and travel to & fro. Security staff are present at the teachers’ accommodation 24/7 as well as on each campus. Security systems are continually assessed. Should you have any concerns regarding security don’t hesitate to ask for an on-the-ground. Painting an on-the-ground picture of what it looks like to live in Dhaka, Bangladesh is an important aspect.

“I have always found our campus to be comforting and safe. Despite restrictions that come with life in Bangladesh, staff and students really thrive in the encouraging community. Grace leadership are well connected to embassies and listen carefully to advice from the authorities. Once outside the school, life is still relatively unrestricted and safe in terms of getting around town—although it does take effort, vigilance, and grace to navigate the streets of Dhaka.” - Secondary Teacher

"God chose me for Grace school. I have had a relationship with Grace International School since November 2012, and I have been witness to many occasions where I have seen God defend and sustain what I know to be a very special place in His heart. Grace is a diamond in the rough centre of Asia. Dhaka at times, can be a challenging place to live and work, but seeing how God moves through this unique school community is what keeps me here and still passionate for the work He has called me to be part of. Grace is a facilitator of good things, and it enables for the community it serves to participate in careers, projects, and missions that positively contribute to a country where needs are high." - Teacher