Summer Learning

Summer Learning – Guidance for GEY Parents

We hope that you and your child find these Summer Learning Resources helpful and engaging.

Although not compulsory, we highly encourage your child to participate in these learning activities.

The Summer Learning has been organised so that it is achievable through independent thought and parent support. If your child is stuck on anything, don’t worry! Just ask them to move onto another activity that they can do.

Below you will find:
  • Weekly schedule(s)
  • Folder of resources
Wishing you all a blessed and healthy summer ahead!

Download Resources from here:

Distance Learning

Students at Early Years will be incorporating the tools available to them at home to further their learning. Students will be following a familiar routine with parents to practise active learning habits. The environment will become their classroom. Students will be using discovery, role-play, and technology whilst embracing Grace values at home.


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Curriculum Overview

Nursery (Ages 3–4), Reception (Ages 4–5), Year 1 (Ages 5–6)

At Early Years, students enjoy learning in a happy environment surrounded by their friends. Children engage in a variety of learning activities, both inside and outside the classroom. In an encouraging atmosphere, through their play and relationship-building they explore the world around them.

Grace follows the English National Curriculum for Early Years, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, which sets rigorous expectations for student growth. Highly-qualified teachers are committed to educating the whole child at Grace, not just in academics, but socially, morally, spiritually, and emotionally—helping them to thrive.