Grace Primary School builds upon the secure foundation offered in Early Years by developing a strong academic base in literacy and numeracy. Our students are nurtured within a supportive and creative atmosphere. Primary includes Years 2-6 (age 6-10).

At Primary, students in Year 2–6 (Key Stage 2) study under a modified English National Curriculum in a Christian environment whilst considering the international context. All classes utilise the National Numeracy and Literacy strategies. Grace embraces a child-centred approach, educating children beyond academics encouraging them to thrive in the world socially, spiritually, and emotionally. The specific needs of each child are considered in the class. Grace is committed to fostering an enriching, diverse, and encouraging community, where young students will thrive.

Getting ready for Primary school?

Start talking to your child about school a few months before they’re due to start. When you’re near a school at drop-off or collection time, stop and explain to your child what’s going on. If they know what to expect they are less likely to be unsettled or have a difficult transition. As their first day nears, talk to your child about what to expect. Talk about playtime and lunchtime as well as teachers and learning. Try to familiarise your child with letters and numbers before starting school. If you can, read more often with your child.