Grace Secondary School provides quality education for Key Stages 3-5 (age 11-17). Our curriculum promotes creative and independent learning to give our students a foundation for success. Competitive sports tournaments are an important part of student life on campus.

How do I best prepare my child for Secondary?

Moving from the top class of primary school, Year 6, to the bottom class of secondary, Year 7, is probably the biggest change your child will have ever known. Don’t underestimate the importance of this moment in your child’s life, even if most of their friends are going to the same school, and you have older children. Because moving schools is such a change in their lives, your child will almost certainly be nervous. Take time to talk things through—or at least, let your child know that you realise they might be anxious and you’re willing to listen. Children often feel better about worries when they share them.

How to cope in the early days?

Aim to keep your time as free as possible around the early days of secondary school—your child may be growing up, but this doesn’t mean you’re not needed. Could you get home from work early, or even work from home, so that you’re there to talk through how things are going when they return home?