Teacher - Job Description

Accountable to:

The Principal, Grace International School

Purpose of the Post:

To provide quality education within the structure and emphasis of the approved curriculum for Grace in ways that promote the principles of excellence in the provision of Christian education in a multicultural environment.

Essential Requirements:

● Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
● Valid teaching certification/licence (PGCSE or equivalent teaching qualification)
● A passion for serving God through teaching
● Adhere to our Statement of Faith Prefered:
● 2+ years experience working in a school setting
● Understanding of the English National Curriculum

Work Hours:

A flexible approach is required taking into account the needs of the School. In addition to being present at the school during school hours, teachers must be present at Teacher/Parent evenings, School Presentations, and appropriate wider community activities, as determined by the Principal.

Key Responsibilities:

1. To plan, implement and evaluate classroom programmes that:

a) aim to meet the individual needs of each child, whether physical, mental, social or spiritual.

b) reflect the aims of the School modified English National curriculum.

2. To provide an interesting and varied programme covering all school curriculum areas.

3. To keep accurate records, evaluate children’s progress regularly and provide reports to parents.

4. To demonstrate care and concern for children’s welfare and provide a happy and secure school environment.

5. To be an appropriate role model for children in that individual lifestyles reflect an application of Biblical principles. This requires the ability to express the individual Christian faith in practical ways.

6. Encourage children to strive for their personal best in achievement and behaviour in all school activities.

7. To work cooperatively in a team spirit, support other staff members, and participate in school activities.

8. To demonstrate good relationships with all school community members, teaching colleagues, national staff, parents, and Board Members.

9. Where possible, endeavour to keep up to date with professional educational developments.

10. To lead Christian education assemblies regularly.